About us

Hello, we are Fer and Aida, we started making slippers a few years ago, when we were at a

 time in our life when we had to make decisions, it was a new beginning and this time we

 wanted to be the ones to set the course.

Why slippers ?, because because they are part of a tender, friendly memory of our childhood, 

they mean home, warmth and a lot of affection, you just have to hear the phrases and see the 

faces of people when they see them after so long without knowing of them. It was the perfect

 gift from our grandmothers.

Investigating and studying its origin, we find that its use comes from yesteryear (since the

 Middle Ages), it is a shoe that was used in the north of the peninsula. In the villages people 

walked home with them, when they had to go out to the field or to the animal stables they did 

not take them off, what they did was put on souks, cloggs, etc ..., in this way they would not

 they lost the body heat they already had.